Well hello there!

So, it’s been 8 months since my last post. Lots of stuff has happened, but mostly, I’ve been living my life and keeping the attitude of, well if it gets me then at least I’ve lived! Kind of morbid to some, but that’s my life now. As all bc survivors know: you’re never quite clear of that dark cloud, as bc can never be in remission. Hey, you deal with the cards you’re played, hey?

Anyway, life is good. My job is going well, I’ve had another promotion and I’ve met the love of my life. We’ve been together now for 7 months… I met him just after I finished active treatment, and he’s an absolute gem. He understands everything my body has been through, yet still loves it in every way. He is aware of the potential infertility issue, but has made it clear that, baby or no baby, we will be together forever. I feel very lucky ❤

So, I'm fit (kind of….managed a mountain hike last week of epic proportions, and although I felt I couldn't make it, I did), healthy (lots of good food and green veg consumed every day), I'm putting the weight back on I lost during chemo, I have blood in my cheeks and I feel happy. What more could you ask for? Here's a little pic of our latest addition to the family….he's a monkey but he's my little diamond. He keeps me on my toes!


So, all in all, just a quick update really. Hair is doing well, I’m doing well, next check up and scan is in march, so fingers crossed that I am as well as I feel! Still loving chatting to all my ladies in the support group I have online….without them I think I’d be a bit lost. But actually, what I’m really relishing is waking up, going to work, having my students call me names, chatting with family and friends….normal stuff. And I thank the universe every day for allowing me to do that xx





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